Dual/Tri colour filament with Dual Extruder - found a simple workaround!

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to print using dual and tri colour filament in my dual extruder for the last week - each time the print fails-consistently. The same print works perfectly with normal filament (PLA) so naturally I think I got a bad batch of filament - ordered new mixes and same problem. I was about to give up using this filament but it was a special project for a birthday and I’m stubborn. I’ve played with everything from temp to even printing the interlocks for the extruder assy.

I just couldn’t see how other people with different printer makes/models should be able to print while this awesome machine could not. In a “dumb it down” approach I put back on my original single extruder unit that shipped with the machine and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work right the first time!

So if any Dual Extruder folks are having trouble printing in Dual and Tri colour filament - give your old single extruder a try to see if you can get thru it.

Hope this helps someone out there with the same issue!
Now I can finish this project!


Yea, the single extruder works well…