I'm a newbie - help please!

I’ve just got my new A350 up and running and I’ve dived straight into printing.
My first print (using Cura since I couldn’t get any sense out of Luban at all) went probably as expected - quality of print was not brilliant; however, I really struggled to remove it from the bed and left an imprint behind that I can’t shift. Does anyone have any suggestions about removing stubborn PLA?
My second print (with another file) started to lift as soon as printing commenced so I stopped it, added a brim, and restarted - this time it went well and could be removed reasonably easily and left nothing behind.
I’ve just been reading the topic on the quality of PLA Snapmaker provides and wondered if anyone can recommend a supplier of decent PLA in the UK?

Couple of things -

Adjust your z-offset to be about .05 to .1 higher, oversquishing can cause that

rubbing alcohol people say will help get the material off, although it never does much for me in that regard. try not to gouge your print sheet up but if you have the bad batch of filament its probably screwed :expressionless: at least you have a back side.

regarding filament, amazon basics is a fine lil starter material to get your bearings and general purpose. priline brand seems pretty decent too.

Thanks for the reply - I don’t think the z-offset can be the issue since the second print went fine with no problem lifting it off. I saw somewhere that acetone can dissolve PLA - would that work for cleaning without scrapping the print sheet for me?
I’ll check out Amazon basics for some more PLA.

Acetone doesnt disolve PLA, it disovles ABS

There is a chemical called sciweld 4 which supposidly disolves pla, but id hestitate to put either on your print sheet.

OK, thanks I’ll stay away from Acetone!

i have a sheet with fused shitty filament on it from snapmaker as well.

i was about to try to get out a heatgun to see if i can melt it a bit to be able to scrape it without gouging, i duno if its gona work or not

Let us know how it works out. I’ve seen You-Tube videos which talk about heating up your bed to 70C and then scraping your sheet - this sounds rather drastic to me!

nah thats kind of a thing - you can also use the heated bed to your advantage if a print is stuck to it, sometimes if you heat it up then pop the sheet off and flex it it will pop off


Don’t use acetone. Will dissolve the SM printed.

Several things to try:
Heat it up to 80 and scrape it off. Can try the spatula that came with it. Just be careful. I use a razor blade held flat to the bed.

Print over it again and it will come off with new print.

Put it in freezer. Then flex and pop off (haven’t tried this one personally)

Your z-offset may still be low. The bed does seem to get ‘seasoned’ and release better after a while.

Haven’t had to do any of this in a long time now that my print settings are right. I use glue stick for PETG just for a little extra margin of era, but don’t think I really need to.


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I think I definitely need to stay away from Acetone!
I’ll certainly try a print over to see if that works, but I cant see how to control heating the bed without trying to print - the handset doesn’t seem to give you any access to set temperatures.

It does, if you swipe you can get to a screen where it lets you control the nozzle temp, bed position and bed temperature.

I think the button is labeled “Control” but im not at home to double check.

I frequently rinse off my print sheet with cold water to remove old magigoo then put it back on the heated bed to dry it off and then clean with alcohol.

You’re right it does!
I thought it was simply showing the current temperature!
Thanks for all your help.