Anyone tried out Multicolour printing on the snapmaker?

Hello all,

As I know from a few years back on a 3D printing exhibition, it’s possible to print multicolour on a 3D printer with a single extruder.

This next video is one of those examples how to do it, but there are several paths to follow to print in more than 1 colour.

Now this is just one of those ideas to try out on the Snapmaker, but isn’t it also a cool idea to have a function in the software of the Snapmaker (not the Snapmaker3D software) to pause a print, let the heated bed and nossle on and change filament within one or two minutes for example… that would be an awesome feature for people who aren’t that gifted to code or change settings that fast like the experienced 3D printing people would have that ’ perk’ :slight_smile: :wink:

Another video I found about multicolour printing ; (she haves some very inspiring ideas too)



I have not done any 3D printing yet, waiting on my snapmaker to arrive :slight_smile: I really liked the two videos you posted, especially the second one as she really breaks down some of the decision one must make when doing multi color prints. One thing I would ask of those that have the snapmaker and already played with it; is how easy is it to change out filaments?

Thank you for starting such an interesting topic, I look forward to seeing more discussion on this and hopefully contributing some as well.

As soon as you’ve changed the filament twice or three times, it’s a matter of minutes… Very easy… I wonder how that will be when my enclosure is installed ! The easyness now could be a bit less easy, but it will help to get cleaner prints I guess plus better protection for laser en cnc works.

Thanks for your words… I really hope so this topic will get a boost some point.

Today, when I was at work I was thinking ; Could it be possible to pause a print, callibrate the snapmaker on that same print (just modelling the 4 corners into the print and then change the filament color + repeating the print till it’s finished ?

During my first laser engraving projects, I’m already thinking in 3D printing again… Discovered an old video from the beloved and very functional Makers Muse channel !

Hope I can inspire some of us with this simple hack… @Rainie would it be safe to try this on the Snapmaker ? ;

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