PVA Fail with A350 and dual extruder

So I’ve had my A350 dual extruder for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve tried printing with PVA supports. Results were…not great:

Lots of stringing, and a prime tower collapse. Also, bits of PVA that ended up pretty far away from the model for some reason (picture was taken before moving anything). I’d had similar issues with the breakaway PLA that came with the dual extruder, but that had been open for a while. This was a brand new roll of PVA that I opened just before printing (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07RYSSVC3), so it should have been as dry as it would get. Label on it said to print at 230-240, so I set the right nozzle to 235, and turned retraction up to 1.5mm to see if that helped. Anything else I should try here?

It has to be dried as labeled for 6-8 hrs, no exceptions, its that finicky, I stopped using it all together

After many attempts with other PVA, I am using Snapmaker’s Water Soluble PVA and so far have had no problems at 215 degrees.

So I tried 8 hours in the filament dryer. Same problem with the next print. Maybe I’ll give another PVA brand a try? I’ve also had no luck with the breakaway PLA that came with the dual extruder though-that tended to string, break off, and generally be useless, which I’d written off to the Snapmaker filament just not being very good. Is their PVA really better?

Honestly I don’t use any of them anymore, because I can dial in the interface settings so it doesn’t adhere to the parts permanently because the slicers are better with the geometry than they were previously and if I’m printing PLA I’ll use a generic PETG as the supports, if I’m printing PETG I’ll use PLA, everything else is very formula based with additives CF’s for example, I’ll just bite the bullet and use it as its own support

I had the Same issue with exact same pva.
So try your best with other one and keep us informed :slight_smile: