Problems with Dual Extruder

Duel extruder completes calibration including xyz calibration, but no matter what job I try and do it makes two piles of filament about 8 inches apart and then stops extuding while it moves with no purpose about the print area. I have never been able to get this thing to work. Tonight I’m going back to the singe extruder to see if I can get that working. I’m really disappointed with SNAPMAKER as I have really enjoyed my printer up until now. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, you are not the only one. If you type in dual extruder into the search box, there are tons of discussions about it. From heat creep, the motor grinding the filament, the calibration being off, to the cooling fan not working. I am not as knowledgeable in this area as others since I am a newcomer when it comes to 3d printing, sorry I couldn’t help more.

Yeah, it really sucks. The whole machine is kinda wonky, dont know why i decided to throw more money at it. I shoulda spent the money on a prusa lol

Are you trying to print the calibration parts? What model do you have, the a350?

And what material?

I can try to slice you something to print to see how it comes out of simplify3d, perhaps a calicat or something just to see

The thing is 3d printing is tricky, and with this machine being how it is, its gets really hard to tell if its a lack of skill or lack of performance on the machine itself. frustrating to be sure.

I’ve been using the printer for sometime with good results. Really wanted to use the dual extruder, but I can’t seem to fix the issues. Tried everything I can think of i.e updates, filaments, etc. Still just prints two clumps and stops extruding and goes all over the place following who know what. I’m very disappointed in Snapmaker. I would ask for my money back, but it’s been a while since I purchased the dual extruder and just got around to upgrading or may I say down grading.



So there are a lot of things people have been doing to try to work on it. there are these little wedged that snapmaker designed to shove in the hatch so that it puts more pressure on the gear. theres also talk about opening the front door to get more cooling, to the point that they are having some members test printing a replacement door.

there is also a lot of stuff going on with thermal paste

Hope this helps:


Dualextruder Door:

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