FEATURE REQUEST: Laser settings

Hi there, my first post on the Forum, I would like to request a few features for laser engraving/cutting.

  1. First of all, when engraving Greyscale, there are 2 modes : Dot mode and Line mode.
    When choosing Dot mode, the scanning is done vertically (Y-axis is moving back and forth per line) and
    when choosing Line mode, the scanning is done horizontally (X-axis is moving back and forth per line)
    I noticed that B&W mode has horizontal, vertical and diagonal scanning optional.
    Could you please make those options available for greyscale as well? Especially in dot mode, I prefer having my laser do the rapid motions over having the bed jerking back and forth (for hours upon hours) with my workpiece fastened with only a few silicon plugs.

  2. Camera Capture is fun to play with, but nowhere near accurate and there’s a growing annoyance concerning the default work origin when using auto focus.
    Camera Capture is only really usable when running the job from Snapmaker Luban, as soon as the file is sent to Device via Wifi, there is a disconnect and the work origin is lost in translation. People have to move the work origin to the 0,0 coordinates of the laser platform (especially when using Auto Focus, which sets the work origin in the middle). Could you please add an option in the Snapmaker GUI to set work origin at the lower left corner of the bed, so we can let the job run unsupervised by Luban?

  3. I would love to be able to fine tune the Camera Capture calibration, like I said before, it’s not accurate. If there were one more step in Luban to add another ruler to x and y lines so we can offset the background image to where it should be, it would enhance our experience even more. Right now, my offset would be -3mm on the y-axis and 0,6mm on the x-axis to get my placement correct.

I’ve included some pictures where I left the calibration paper as is, and used camera capture to add a shape, just to test the placement. A little finetuning would be nice to do here. If you direct me to some place in the Developer Tools I would be happy too (for now).

Thanks for reading this, I hope it will help. I believe this is beneficial for every SnapMaker 2.0 Laser user out there !

More pictures in replies I hope : New users can only embed 1 file at a time



Hi, Galduron,really appreciation your advice. The 3 problems you mentioned due to our Immature design. We will take them into consideration in a future version.
thanks, bro


hi @tedchen3 i am just learning about laser, before i started this became a problem for me (number 2 of the op post) @Galduron really glad he found my post and let me know what was going on :smiley:
to prioritise this feature (or to let people know) would be a large benefit (mine was work origin problems - sending to device via wifi)

hey Galduron , one month and 1 day from your op post :smiley:

@Nazar have you tried using manual focus?

havent tried anything yet after the initial test (had a question about the enclosure/glasses that needed to be answered first - eye safety was a priority first)
plan to use auto and manual and start a job tomorrow (find out which works best) - if your interested, will give you what i find (although i suspect you already know the answer)

can’t wait to start using laser :grinning: thanks Galduron

I gave up on Luben and moved to LightBurn, It is heads and tails better at Lasering…