Problems with Luban 4.1

I am very new to snapmaker and am frustrated with the Luban software. After I updated to 4.1 I am unable to connect to the wifi. When I go to the workspace screen a blank screen overlaps onto the connection bar. I have reloaded the software and still no luck. Can anyone figure out why it is doing this?

I had the same problem after Luban v.4.0.1 installed.
The reason is simple - you dont have WiFi connection. To fix it just go on your machine panel to Settings -> WiFi -> Choose connection and choose your router, then enter its password and press the button Save.

Thanks for answering me. I went back in to my SM and made sure it was connected to the internet and it shows :heavy_check_mark: by the router for my network. I went back into my computer and I am connected there as well. So I went back into the program and clicked workspace and still same issue. I even turned off the firewall on my computer and still same problem. What else can I do

If your SM is connected to the router, return to Luban on PC and select your SM from the list box to connect it. If the list box is empty, click the “+” button there and enter the IP address your SM, to connect manually. SM IP address you can find on your SM by Settings->About SM->IP address.

Finally got it figured out. I was going through the steps you had left and decided to hit “window” and noticed “view in browser” when I selected that option it all came up and I could click to connect. 3 days and hours later, connected. Thanks for your help, you have been very kind.

always happy to help you))
wish you success in all your prints!)