Problems with Autoleveling

Hi Snapmakers,

I just get my new A350T and after careful assembling and first start made proceed with firmware update … everything was fine. (3D print head and bed were assembled. Then i should do autoleveling…and that’s wired part. Snapmaker drive in Z+MAX(max up), X MIN (max left) and bed to ref.points (max and min), then drive 8 from 9 points (auto leveling 3x3 fields) BUT Z always says in MAX?! does not drive to 0 (auto leveling)… At 9th point stay and wait on manual leveling (Z is still on MAX so that i need at least 5 min to drive to 0 in 0,5 mm steps). Something is wrong…but what?

I check all cabels, contoller, converter (X and Z), plugs … everything is fine… Also manually i can drive all axis in all directions from min to max…
If I press on home button, then drive as described abowe… interesting is that Z and Y are on MAX (position Numbers) and X is on -19…

Manual leveling works (autoleveling off) and in this case snapmaker drive 9 points with Z on + 5mm… that’s i think normal (because it’s not much to drive to 0)…

Anybody some idea? Do I make something wrong?Any suggestions to check?

Thanks in Advance

When you say ‘converer (X and Z)’ do you mean combiner, where two cables go in and one comes out? Should be Y and Z.

Might be useful if you make a short video and also photos of your build from various angles.

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Hi albutch,

Thanks for responding! Sry…my fault! Yes I wrote about 2 converters (2 to 1) for Y and Z axis (and not X and Z how i wrote it - typing error)…
In the meantime is the movie and the log files “on the way” to SM support…


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Support has spoken :wink::
Probe sensor is defective…the new one is on the way!
I must praise: the support is very fast, professional and customer friendly!:pray::clap:

I will report after repair if everything is OK…

Shame its defective but great support!

Hello Harry
I have also problems with autoleveling ,the printhead crashes in the bed about 3 to 4 mm on the left front position and then it goes tomthe thenter and the display say something is wrong do it again .Does yours working now ?

Hi Robert,
YES it works fine…They sent me 2 of them (now i have one more on the stock) :wink:

Hey cool ,is it easy to change and how much does it Cost

Ot was for free…warranty period

They sendet me a new printhead and now it was working ,but now the display is black


I got my unit out of the box. Made the first autoleveling, and worked fine.
Next time, I turn the machine on, try to start the first model, and the head presses out of the plate for the autoleveling.
I try with the Mac software, and goes wrong. I try with the windows version, same problem.
Try to set the work origin, it does not work and the software crashes badly (on windows 11). The software stops responding and the computer freezes completely.

The head presses the plate and bends it, and there is no emergency stop anywhere.

Looks like I made a very $2000 purchase mistake.

How you got support to help fast?

Check that the head is mounted in the correct holes.

Check that the sensor is working. (led lights up when you hold something metal under it.)


The XY is completely bonkers. I printed the 3D base, by faking the auto leveling, by making it manual, even when the head was completely of the plate.