Problem with turning on when using USB Stick

Hi Support

I know a couple of other users have mentioned this problem in other topics. When placing a generated .NC file from SnapmakerJS (v2.3.2), and copying it to the USB stick and inserting it into the Snapmaker, then trying to print from it all goes well except the laser will not turn on. The laser head moves around with no beam on.

If I have the Snapmaker connect via USB cable then the SnapmakerJS app can turn on the laser head and I can then print from the USB stick.


I have the same problem. I need the ability to run the laser out of the house , by generating the file on the computer save it on the usb stick then take out to the garage and plug it in the snapmaker.

You guys are one step ahead of me.
I can’t get the Touch screen to show anything saved on the USB stick for laser engraving.
It works fine connected to the computer, but when I unplug and try to use just the USB there are no files showing up.

Are the files in the root directory on the card? The firmware won’t find them if they’re in a subdirectory.

What is the file type? is it .nc

The files are in the root directory.
I’m not sure about the file type. That may be the problem. I think I saved it as a .gcode file.
I’ll give that a try.

.gcode is the format they need to be.

Then I’m not understanding. .gcode or .nc?

the format of file is gcode, the file you export from SnapmakerJS has a .nc file type and it is this file type that should be copied to the USB stick

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Hmm. When I was doing a laser engraving, I uploaded the gcode file to my OctoPi and it printed just fine. That could just be the difference between having the OctoPi feed the commands to the printer and the internal SD card processor.

Glad to see that I’m not the only one having that issue with engraving from the USB stick.

Same for me, the module moves around but the beam is off.

Any help/input from Snapmaker team?

No laser either when using usb memory card/stick. its fine when doing origin, but turns off whwn press run :slight_smile: