Laser turns on but program won't start


I’ve had my OG Snapmaker as an original kickstarter supporter. I’ve only used it as a 3D printer until now. The laser and CNC heads have been safely hidden away in a box for years.

I’m finally trying to laser etch something and I can’t get it to work. My friend who also has an OG Snapmaker and has laser etched a ton of stuff on his machine has also tried to help.

Background information:

  • I have it in an enclosure however I have unplugged the enclosure cable as well as the heated bed cable

  • My laser turns on, I can focus and set the origin of my laser.

  • He’s created a .NC file for me to etch

I select the file and start the etch and nothing happens. I’m not sure why it’s not starting the laser and or start printing the program.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.


Post your g-code or not much we can do to help.

Here is the code my friend created: Any help would be greatly|attachment (64.7 KB)


Here’s the code I created in SM (477.0 KB)

Neither of them run when I hit Start on the machine. I’m running this from a USB through the machine. My computer is not connected to the SM.

Is it actually running (head moving) but not engraving?
Because it looks like power is set to 5% which wouldn’t be doing much.

Need to see screen grabs of settings.

The head doesn’t move at all. Like I said, I can set the origin and focus the laser but when I hit start program nothing happens. The laser doesn’t turn on either.

I am no sure which settings you need, but here you go: