Laser engraving with USB


Having a problem with laser engraving using USB stick.
When I open file on touch screen it’s empty.
Gcode is on USB per instructions on the on-line manual.
Also, it engraves fine when connected to computer.

Any ideas?


Same problem since the past 3 weeks and still no reply from support team.


I managed to resolve this problem - when exporting the file to the USB from Snapmakerjs add .ns to the end of the name of the file and save.
For some reason it won’t see a .gcode ending, but it will see a .nc ending.


My problem occurs once you try to launch the engraving file.
The module moves around as it should but the laser beam is off!

Do you have the same problem ?


No. My laser has always worked, I just couldn’t engrave from the USB


My laser works just fine when I use the cable but for some weird reason it won’t from the USB stick - even though it’s showing.

Very frustrating.