Camera calibration issue

Please help. I cannot get the camera calibration on the laser module to work properly. I have gone through the camera calibration multiple times where it draws the square but when I do a camera capture I get what is in the photo.

Looks like your camera is askew.
Take a look and see if it’s pointed strange.
I think some people have been able to re-orient it.
But I would email support. (may be slow for next week or slow with Chinese new year). Give them all your info and photos and address and anything else to document your problem.

The camera was fine. When I clicked to calibrated, it always showed the proper view. I went through the process in the guide a few more times then calibrated the camera again. It still showed off until I hit start. Then it took new pictures and those looked correct. I still had to fine tune the corners to get it all to line up correctly but it is all working now. Running my first laser print now. So far so good.