Prints randomly stopping

Ive been playing around with the new snapmaker 2.0 a350 for a few days now. Every print I start, will stop randomly. There is no pattern that I have been able to see. The touch screen says it is still printing but, the tip and pad are both in the home position cooling down. Has anyone else experienced this?

What Firmware are you on?

Are you running from the SM or from your pc?

Slicing in Luban?



this sounds like the same problem I have (3D print freezes when printing - syntax error in luban generated gcode?). Did you check the log files already? In my log files I found an exception.

I updated the touchpad with the latest firmware whenever it first came on.

Yes I am very new to this, so I was just using the Snapmaker Luban as I thought that this would be the easiest method to make everything work. Is there other programs that I can use for slicing?

I also was not able to send the part I was trying to print over the network, so I was just putting the gcode on a memory stick and running that from the snapmaker. Is that was you are referring to when you ask where I am running it from?

After reading different forum posts, I was able to figure out how to export the Snapmaker Log files onto a USB. From this, I could see an error related to the temperatures of the hot end. I switched out the hot end and everything is working now!