3D Printer freezes at start

I’m having problems with the printer freezing at the start.

I haven’t used my Snapmaker 2.0 in a while. I had no problems before. I upgraded the firmware and Snapmaker Luban app. I uploaded my gcode generated by the Luban app. And everything seems to be going fine at the startup period (i.e. the printer head heating up, the printer head moving to the starting point at the lower left corner), but then nothing. I’ve tried uploading the file via wifi and also via the USB drive. Still doesn’t start. When I generate the gcode from another app, it seems to print fine, but it’s driving me crazy not to be able to use the Luban app. I assume it has something to do with the gcode generated by the Luban app. Can anyone please help? thanks

@DaveyWavey if it’s printing fine when generated by another slicer, then it’s Luban. Honestly, just use Cura, it’s far better than Luban anyway. Also, if using Luban, don’t press the play button to start it, it’s been known to cause issues with the machine, on mine it crashes the touchscreen if I press it even though firmware is 1.12.1 and Luban is 3.15.1

Thanks for the response! I just don’t know why it was working well before and now after the updates, it’s not. But since I haven’t seen anything written on this problem, I assume it’s not a widespread problem.

@DaveyWavey Luban isn’t very good. I only use it when I need to connect directly to the machine and do console commands for whatever reason.

Most people usually move on to Cura or other slicers. Cura officially supports Snapmaker as of update 4.9. Besides, Luban is just a very modified version of an older outdated version of Cura’s slicer engine. They then implemented a CNC and Laser functions and Luban was born. But Luban sucks at all 3.

For CNC and Laser I use Vectric Aspire, I bought the full version as I make my living doing this, but Aspire has a free unlimited trial with no time limit. The difference is that you can’t save your toolpaths, you have to import them every time or input them manually. You also don’t get all the 5gb+ of free clip art that they allow you to carve and sell.

Others use Lightburn (not free) for Laser which is what I used before the Laser functionality came out for Aspire. Has a similar GUI to that of Aspire so I felt really comfortable with it.

Thanks for the many suggestions!