Printing small details

Hello. Maybe someone can help with advice. I print small details, 35 * 5 * 1.5 mm and I need help with the settings for a better end result. Whatever the detail looked better. What settings would you choose? I print the PLA.

Original detail file. бордрейли 2.stl (52.6 KB)

This is where FDM is challenged, BUT it can be done. You’d need to get a smaller diameter nozzle like a .2 or .1, and play with some other settings to tune it in.

For reference, the Snapmaker uses an MK8 M6x1 nozzle. MK8 is the style (shape), M6 is the threading with a 1mm pitch. One of the most common if not the most common nozzles on the market. Get that and it will fit perfectly.

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Make sure you adjust your bed sensor if you change the nozzle.

Did you mean 0.1 and 0.2? Or still 1 and 2?

He meant .1 or .2. The normal nozzle is .4. If small detail is important, consider a resin printer. You can get resolutions down to .035 microns. They are fairly cheap too.