.2mm .6mm Nozzles

Im having a hard time getting other nozzles to work as well as a .4mm With pla.

Any one have some hints tips or settings for getting a .2mm nozzle to work well?
Higher / lower temp?
assuming a lower speed?
Z offset?

any other help or tips would be great.

I’ve not tried other diameter nozzles myself, but I’m guessing you would need to adjust the filament feeding speed +/- depending on whether you’ve used a larger or smaller diameter than stock? I’ve just drilled out one of my nozzles to 1mm (just for fun) I’ll try it and see what happens…

For both you will need higher temp, slower speed, and re-calibrate retraction and flow.

I use the 0.2mm and the 0.1mm nozzle with prusaslicer.
My blog may be useful for you, although it is written in Japanese. If you would like, you can translate it and check it out.

It is important to choose a high-quality nozzle. And some kind of fillament (PLA+ or polyterra PLA) can cause the nozzle to clog.

I dont use special settings.
I go a bit slower with 0.2mm but up to 60mm/s (this is mainly because of the model details, not because it cant go faster).
The 0.6mm nozzle or greater print with the same settings like normal, you have to check for extruder skips because of too much extraction, this means your flow is the limit.
Dual extruder has a max. flow of 20mm^3 (snapmaker info), i successfully printed with up to 18mm^3 (i worried about my print so i didnt reach the limit).
Single extruder was for me about 14mm^3 (trail and error) if i remember correctly, but not 100% sure.

Doesn’t the slicer take care of the flow or are you saying in addition to that i need to adjust the flow?

Im using the new extruder + nozzles from snapmaker that you can get with the dual extruder.
I haven’t had issues with clogging, just issues with the first layer failing after a few new layers are on.

Can we teach the slicer not to exceed that limit? currently i use cura. Only ever printed with .4mm so learning a lot now. Also trying non normal pla materials like Carbon fiber pla (btw the dual extruder hates it) long story short its too stiff so it pulls the extruder head up from the drag and that changes your z height and it fails the print.

I forgot to say, increasing the layer height to half of nozzle size for nice results.
Simplify3d has a limit to set, same will be in cura but dont know.

The slicer sets the flow at a baseline standard rate based on many things, but it is only a baseline and is not necessarily the correct one. You still need to do a flow calibration to prevent under/over-extrusion. This is true for every individual filament type/brand/color, and when any changes are made to the machine’s hotend (including the nozzle).

Yeah I have been lucky with flows, I’m dead on at 100% but I have spent a good amount of time getting e-steps accurate.

I dialed down my first layer speed and got good bed adhesion. Now to slowly step the speed up and see where the limit is.

Probably the prettiest benchy i have printed, only took 4.5 hrs to print at .1mm layer height no post print work done.