Nozzle thread Spec on original model, info

Hello all, newbie here. was wondering the Size and Threads per inch (TPI) of the original model’s nozzle. Looking to go with a smaller diameter nozzle to see how the parts turn out. Also any recommendations for printing small detailed models ? (such as a ring with letters on it.) Nozzle size, filament (brands, material, diameter) layer thickness, speed, temps, yada,yada,yada … Be much appreciated. Been printing out free STL files, Like to see what I can come up with. (p.s. know a lil’ bit about AutoCAD …)

Thanks in advanced, James

There are a lot of posts with a lot of good suggestions. Too many to link :slight_smile: . Search the forums for “0.2mm nozzle” and “0.3mm nozzle”.