Snapmakerjs stops responding

I am using 2.6.1 (not installed the latest yet), but I have just kicked off a large print. Snapmakerjs seemed to process the STL fine, and I saved the gcode to file and also uploaded to the workspace. This also seemed to go ok. I pressed the ‘play’ icon, and nothing seemed to happen on the snapmakerjs console display. Looking at the snapmaker itself, the nozzle and bed temperatures were going up, and it did start to print at the right time. Nothing was being displayed on Snapmakerjs (other than the loaded gcode rendition of the object).
After a few minutes the snapmakerjs screen went blank (ie no detail, just an empty white window with the top menu bar).
The printer is still going … should I abandon the print?

The gcode file size on disk is 109Mb


Hi, do you have the original or the 2.0? If it is the 2.0 it is recommended to use it with Snapmaker Luban, and there is a firmware update for the touchscreen as well.

I am using Snapmakerjs on the original machine