Printer just stops

I was going along fine and 3D printed many objects. Then I switched to the laser engraver for a while, then switched back to the 3D Printer. Now it prints for about an hour then just stops. every time at about the same spot. Just stops printing. Help!!

Does the print head stop moving and freeze in place, or does the print head finish the print without depositing material? If it’s the first, did the controller reboot?

If you know it happens after about an hour, try to be present and watching when it’s due. Listen for changes in tone, or any odd sounds (clicking, grinding, stuff like that). Keep an eye on the controller to see if it does anything odd too.

It stop,freezes in place. I don’t see any signs of a reboot. Will keep closer attention. The software stays at the same point.

Sounds like either a g-code problem or with the stl itself if it’s stopping in the exact same place.

If you want to share your stl and/or g-code we can check it out.

Or you can:
Check your stl with meshmixer or meshlab.
Check your g-code with
Try re-slicing.


Thank you so much for your help.
I have decided to step away from the printer at this time. Now I am faced with the filament not sticking to the table and currently my computer has lost it’s connection with it.
So, the feelings of excitement, joy, challenge, accomplishment i was getting has been totally replaced with trouble shooting, disappointment and work, and I am just not in a place where this is any fun for me.
It will probably pass sooner than later but this is my honest feedback today.

I’ll be back in touch soon.