Print won't go past 125mm even after installing extended z axis

I put on an extended z axis bar but when my print hits the 125mm limit of the shorter bar it stops going up any farther. I have firmware version 2.11on it. I put the version on before I had put on the extended z axis bar so I will reinstall it and see what happens. Has anyone else had the issue? What did you do to fix this issue?

Hi @jbrad2orr ,

In Snapamker Luban, you need to select the machine as custom and set Z(Height) as 221mm.

You can move the Z to 221mm height via the software.


Thanks, Edwin. However, I don’t use Luban yet because it is not as advanced as Cura. I did set cura to the 221 but it isn’t working. I just reset the firmware and then checked the ‘about info’ on the machine. it still says the build area is 125-125-125. So I don’t have a lot of confidence that worked. Snapmaker needs to make Luban a lot better.

Did you tell the firmware (step 3) about the new Z height?

Hi, clewis

Thanks for that. I did the change. I also used Luban to generate the G-Code. If it works I’ll try the G-Code from Cuda. Got my fingers crossed.

Can you jog above the 125mm height using the control panel? From what I recall, the machine’s build area is supposed to report the higher Z axis after the M1025 M1 command. (I don’t have one, so I can’t test it.)

@jbrad2orr Please read this article.

If you use Pronterface or Snapmaker Luban, you can use M1025 M1 to set the extension mode.

Snapmaker’ serial port will help you as well.


There is an about page that shows all the attributes of the machine. After I reset the console it showed the new build area. Yeah!

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