Original SM with Z Axis extension

Hi all, sorry if this has been mentioned before, however I cannot find an answer.
I have a original SM (Still waiting for my A35 :)) with the Z axis extension, I have upgraded the firmware to where it is supposed to be, have added codes into console all good there.

What I get when using SM Luban is, when it starts it only allows you to choose the Original SM and removes the extension option, puts it back to 125mm and I cannot for the life of me change this. If I do create a “Custom” profile, it just re-sets it.

Any ideas would be welcomed.


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Interesting. I have just engaged in chat with other guys about setting persistence and It appears that JKC20 (staff) and Doug (Oz) are under the impression that creating a custom profile ensures that setting made under that profile are persistent and can be reloaded with the profile created.

My interest in this issue is in seeing how the details of use can be collated and assembled for the users to access. There are some irritating inconsistencies and releasing alpha software to the user base should be a deprecated practice. Users are sometimes recruited to test beta software that is near the point of being a release candidate but I have not come across a software development team that uses the potential users to develop the software.

Hope this helps:

Ok, so I found a workaround for this issue.

Open SM Luban, using the cogs bottom left, change to “Custom” and set the Z axis to 221.

Now load your print file, make setting changes as you need, generate Gcode and load.

Now turn your original Sanpmaker on and open the communication port, choose Original and printer and away you go. It sees the print size and allows you to continue to full height.

Hope this helps

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