A350 Stops Printing

Hey everyone, I recently started using my A350 again after about a year of not using it due to a bug that annoyed me. Now everything is printing great except my printer stops randomly mid print. When it stops and how frequently seems to be completely random. Sometimes it will complete a 24hr print no problem other times it will stop multiple times during long prints or even stop once during a short print. When I look at the touchscreen it looks like it just booted up to the start menu, but the nozzle and bed are still in the position they stopped at not the home position. My work around is to flip the switch on the power supply and when it boots back up it detects the power loss then prompts me to recover the previous job. This works every time, but one its annoying to lose print time over night if it freezes and two when I restart the job, I have to trim the excess filament off the print. It basically just leaves a eye dropper sized drop of melted filament on the print and trimming that off by hand can sometimes ruin the print.

I did catch it freezing once and I saw the touchscreen turned off for a second then rebooted like I had power cycled it myself. Then it went back to the start menu leaving the job frozen and no recovery option until I flipped the power switch. The printer knows there’s a job not finished though because it wont let me start a new job when that happens until I power cycle the device.

Edit: Oh also I believe the printer continues the print while the screen is rebooting and only stops after the touchscreen finishes the reboot and is on the start page. I can’t confirm but that is what I remember happening that one time I saw it freeze.

Any suggestions?
I can export a log if needed my current print is a 36 hr job and it has frozen 3 times so far and is only 24% complete :frowning:

I have a few ideas, if you are able to export the logs that could be helpful.

Also, try printing through the USB cable and see if the freezing happens. I’m wondering if there is an issue with the touchscreen talking to the controller.

SC_3.doc (1000.0 KB)
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So you can see where it stops by the
1664831684845,2022.10.03 21:14:44.845,INFO,SC,Application started!
line followed not long after by
1664831784055,2022.10.03 21:16:24.055,INFO,SC,Recover print.

Not sure what these logs mean not even sure these are all the logs when I went to export them snapmaker kept saying your usb drive has disconnected but only when I tried to export logs. If I tried viewing files in the file explorer on the touchscreen everything worked fine. The one time it seemed to export the logs, it didnt prompt me with anything saying it had successfully exported.

But as you can see from the logs it seems like we go straight from requesting a line to Application started. Nothing in-between

1664831640249,2022.10.03 21:14:00.249,DEBUG,SC,batchGcodeResponse Request LineNo:1433
1664831684845,2022.10.03 21:14:44.845,INFO,SC,Application started!

Also if I print from usb is power loss recovery still any option? I know over wifi it is not.