Print head fan griding at start up

I have had issues with the fan on the controller sounding like it is grinding when I first turn the snapmaker on after being off for a while. The first couple times it lasted for about 20 seconds then went back to normal. Today it happened for a third time and seemed like it wasn’t going to stop. Turning the snapmaker off and back on got the fan to sound like normal.

@cwdangelo had mentioned he has noticed this as well on this snapmaker.

I assumed it was just a fluke but now it is sounding like a potential quality issue with the fan. It is also possible that it is a firmware issue, possibly the fan ramps up to higher rpm when the unit is turned on? I am curious if any others have noticed this with their machines? I’ll try to get a video next time to record the sound.

Update: the sound is actually coming from the print head, my ears were deceiving me originally. :weary:

This also happens to mine - it sounds like the bearings are grinding on startup and when it gets stabilized, it quiets down.

When I hear this on a PC fan, it’s usually time to think about replacing it.


I also have the same issues with the fan of the Printer head.
It happens all the time I turn on the Printer but it COULD be that the fan has a bigger air gap to allow higher temperature changes.
But the noice is very anoying!

Mine is on the print head as well. My hears were originally deceiving me! Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m also hearing the fan noise.

This is the Issue I showed you guys before. My new Fan still is on the way. But even without Video-Evidence this ammount of complains is not to overhear. You guys might consider testing some other Fan-manufacturers.

yall fuss…

just run cables out to the back porch…

no problem… :wink:


@Rainie - Seconded. Most of us beta testers are fine with such a minor issue and will patiently await a replacement fan, but it would be a good idea to try to correct this issue before your next shipment goes out, which I assume will be on a much larger scale. However, I am sure you guys are already working on a resolution!

Speaking of video evidence, update:

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Thank you for the video!
We noticed this problem before and it is a weakness of fans from this brand. It has a long service life, but it will produce noise when it is used for some time. Please locate where the noise is from so that we can make some improvements in the future:

  1. Check if the noise is from the controller: turn off the machine -> unplug the cable from the 3D Printing Module -> turn on the machine ->check if there is noise. If you can still hear the noise, the noise comes from the controller. If you can’t hear the noise, go to step 2.
  2. Check if the noise is from the fan next to the nozzle: turn off the machine -> plug the cable in the 3D Printing Module -> turn on the machine -> press the middle of the fan next to the nozzle (shown in the picture). If the noise changes when you press the fan, the noise comes from this fan. If there is no changes of the noise, the noise comes from the other fan inside the 3D Printing Module.

Please tell me the result after you try the above steps. We will find a solution according to the results.
@rojaljelly @harmerds @sebi1987 @jerrydeal It will help us a lot if you can kindly try the above steps and tell me the results too. Thank you!

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My fan noise is from the controller.

Mine is from the fan next to the nozzle.

Was the same model fan used on both the print head and controller?

Mine is from the nozzle (inside the module) too.
The controller fan is just noisy (no rattling/grinding).

As I showed you in Skype, the Noise is from the fan next to the nozzle. The same problem as @jstncrft has.
Only mine is a little worse and I need to tap it several times until it spins up.

Revision - my print head fans started making noise today. I first noticed it with the Laser module, but the 3d printer fan was loud at start (for the first time) today.

@Rainie What do we plan to do to resolve this concern for everyone?

I dont have a printer yet to get a closer look. And if everyone with this problem wants to wait for a replacement i get that. But I have to say when looking at pictures it looks like a easy fix. A fan is cheap and it should be doable to just replace it yourself. With that kind of noise level I would just order a fan and give it a shot. Just my opinion :wink:

Edit: Is that a 30x30mm fan?

yes, i would like to know the EXACT dimensions the these fan(s) with problems…

i want to order good quality ball bearing fans to replace them BEFORE I EVEN USE my snapmaker for the first time…

i suggested replacement before, and everybody acted like i was silly…

good fans are easy and cheap to replace, and not worth the hassle of noise and/or worry…


Hey, if you want to send me replacement fans I won’t argue with you.

anybody got the measurements and voltage of the fan(s) yet…?


would somebody PLEASE post fan measurements and voltage for both printer module and main controller fan…