Possible bad stepper motor looking for help

Bed plate motor has been making loud noises and the system freezes up.I never froze before the loud motor or module not sure what to look at or do cant afford a new part on something i just took out the box a month ago i dont got money like that

Here’s what I would do in your situation and did not have a multimeter:

Disconnect all stepperdrivers from the mainboard exept for z/bed.
Disconnect your z motor from the mainboard.

Disconnect x or y motor from the board and connect it to were the z motor was previously connected.

Try to move Z/bed in the user interface.
Does your now z-connected x/y motor move properly?

If yes: You have a mechanical issue or a damaged z motor and/or wire.
If no: You probably have a damaged stepperdriver and/or mainboard.

If your stepperdrivers are integrated into the mainboard you can/should disregard everything I said…