Loud Y Axis shuddering rocks the bed off

Hi everyone anyone know what my issue is?
This happens when I move the Y axis all the way forward and back
and when I start a new print

There are several problems that can exist here.

  1. please check again the wiring of the Y-axes and also the connections at the controller and whether the cable is also connected to the controller in the correct place.
  2. it could be that the limit switches bed front do not switch.
  3. If the limit switches do not switch, the stepper motor does not know where it is which has the consequence that when moving back the bed, the drives also do not stop and generate these noises!

more is in their video 0:05 sec unfortunately not to recognize, but I think times that is the right approach to find the error!

It’d also be helpful to have a video where the bed moves along the entire axis before this happens if possible

Yeah sorry for not including a longer video. But its fine every where else except end of travel

For now it seems to be fine, I removed the end caps of the rails and reset the twisted rod? I dont know the name and reseated the connections and switches seem to kick off now

Mine wasn’t that bad but the first thing I did was the check in the troubleshooting guide to check if the pads are parallel with the bed off .

I also wrote a gcode file to exercise the Y axis with the bed off from lock to lock so to speak just to see if it changed. I had some nasty prints with Y axis deflection . support was very quick to authorize new Linears don’t know how quick i’ll get them I think maybe stock is low.

I found the solution: I am a huge amateur sorry in advance. The y axis cable was getting stuck and causing the motor to get stuck like show in the video!