Positive Dome Shape

Dear everyone,

To whom it may concern, I am working on cnc milling an acrilic piece. My .stl model has a positive dome feature. The outcome is not desirable as the spherical dome seems to be defaced by a band running across the Y axis.


I have thought and tried a few ways to get aroung this, yet the problem persists. I have come to believe it is because of the gcode. Can anyone think of a way to overcome this?


  • I am using Snapmaker Luban to generate my gcode paths.
  • Tool: Tapered Ball end mill R0.5
  • Step Down: 0,05
  • Step Over: 0,05

I can see the band you’re talking about, but I can’t tell if that’s a height issue or a texture issue. Is the band the wrong height? Or is it just a smoother texture?

I’m speculating here, but I’m assuming the toolpath is cutting that dome in circulation motions. If so, it’s possible that the band is just when the tool chatters less because it’s moving mostly in the X direction rather than in the X and Y directions. Although if that was the case, I would expect to see a similar band on the X axis.

I suggest to use fusion360 for modeling and generating carving codes, it’s more powerful than Luban.
Have a look at this:

Dear clewis,
Thank you for your reply! It is supposed to be a dome, the 3d simulation of Luban shows it fine, yet the result is the one you see in the picture. When inspecting the gcode path there is no circular motion whatsoever, only paralel lines along the X axis.

Dear xchrisd,

Thank you for your reply, I have tried to work with fusion360, and the video you shared with me is the same i watched when i gave it a try. I remember it was unclear to me what machience profile i was supposed to use. as the downloaded package from Snapmaker did not help me. I will give it a second chance though, it seems as this is my only option.

Kiri:Moto (browserbased slicer) did wonders!