CNC Z axis goes up after first pass


Im new to snapmaker, but not to 3d printing. The issue im seeing is if a draw a circle in Luban, send it to workspace and hit go the first pass cuts into the material as id expect, then the next pass raises the z axis up and does the second pass, now not touching the bed.

I understand this can happen with 3d models, but I don’t see what i’m missing with the circle drawn right in Luban.

Has anyone seen this before?

(I did wonder if id assembled it upside down…but I checked and i’ve not, the cable comes from the bottom of the Z axis)

Any pointers would be great.

So pictures say more than 1000 words!!!
Can you possibly post pictures here, or are you here not so long registered!

Possibly also the code would not be bad if you can put online to look if possibly in the code what is wrong or he was created wrong !?!

I presume you are using the CNC module. Share your settings you’re using in Luban.