Please redesign Laser combined with camera placement

Just had a very very frustrating experience with the laser module.
The software simply makes it more complicated then it needs to be.

When using the camera capture always has it’s origin at 0,0.
Why do we still need to set an origin when having placed the image at it’s perfect location based on the camera capture?

Please make a camera mode and manual mode.
OR adjust the placement of the camera image to match the origin position.
As this is very counter intuitive and annoying.

Besides half of the time it doesn’t remember it’s origin anyway and it start lasering off plate

Also when calibrating the auto-focus. please add a cancel button.
When the enclosure is open the auto-focus looses it’s laser but just continues.
There is no way to cancel this process so you have to wait 5 minutes before you get a failed auto-focus

Ooh and please fix the issue with overlay of the processed laser drawing over the camera background.
Most of the time it’s not visible when you’re not in the editor


This post is exactly what I want too !

I try to forward this to snapmaker @staff