Snapmaker 2.0 Laser camera caputer issue

I am trying to laserengrave with my Snapmaker 2.0 for the first time and i noticed that the cameracapture feature is not working properly…

i have tried to recalibrate the camara several times and in the Software the calibration looks really good.

what additional steps could i try… also the engraved pictures are not matched with the alignment in the software…

Thanks for help

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also this problem is related…

I find if you don’t try to use the camera capture feature, you won’t have any problems with it.
I know other people will probably suggest ways to fix it, but I personally would suggest ditching it.
For me there are easier and faster and more accurate ways to place stuff.


whats the point of having such a feature if you shouldn’t use it?

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Please post when it works nice and easy for you (maybe in showcase section?), most times i am way faster by manually calibrating and manual finding my work origin.
Sorry, my camera capture works, but was not needed, except first calibration and first try…

Good question for the SM team.
If it’s unusable than it’s not a feature.
Hopefully they’ll fix it so it works reliably.

Got almost the same problem, and I DO want to use it as a feature because it’s a good feature. See what I obtain, impossible to count on it for the moment

For me the same, I would like to use it and it absolutely is not working… @snapmaker what is the issue here? Are we too stupid or is there a glitch in the algorithm?

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its glitchy. auto anything involving a visual evaluation of something via a computer is never going to be super great. some things are better than others, but the technology just isnt great.

i like to say the same thing about sensors, but under super controlled environments sensors are fine.

This has potential to be a great feature that really sets the snapmaker apart for ease of use for a lot of people not very versed in laser/cnc but as is… it’s entirely broken and useless. I’ve been optimistic about a lot of the rest of the setup… and even having fun with the 0.05hp cnc module and laser that can’t engrave clear acrylic like shown in promo materials… but the camera feature is entirely not usable for even flat pieces of paper much less something with some z height to it.

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Hey, you’re underselling the spindle: it’s 0.06HP!

For a practical solution to the camera capture thing, I’ll mention that a webcam on a computer running Lightburn will work. It has more advanced correction:

is there a way to directly adress them?
Or do you think they are aware of the mistake

yes and no… i have a master degree in mechatronics… and sensors and stuff are capabel of much things and work really good… a good exampel are drones… they have to work in very different environments and still flying stabel because of the gyros and the gps and so on… its not really the topic here but i think it is possible to get it to work… i am providing good led light… and the technical setup is good as well… i think its pretty much a software issue… and sorry for bad english. :slight_smile:

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does this 3rd party software even works with the snapmaker? Seems little bit sketchy with the additional webcam and stuff.
i think finding a solution arround the origninal setup is not the right way… it might work but we have the tools on the snapmaker… so it should be a fix in the original software… or else i kinda want my money back… because it is advertised and i liked the feature…

lightburn is like the premium software for lasering.

luban is not really great at anything, its very basic.

cura, prusaslicer or simplify3d are all superior in different ways to luban for 3d printing, and lightburn is the better software for the lasering

not sure what to use on cnc havent really looked at it yet.

luban is never going to be the best solution at anything, it needs improvements for sure to get the basic stuff running, but its like a starter software.

I do think snapmaker is aware of it. The recent updates to the firmware have mostly been related to upcoming module releases. There have not been too many maintenance releases to reduce bugs only adding future features. It will probably work correctly someday but I haven’t heard a timeline.

Lightburn is the gold standard for laser control software. It has a dedicated machine profile to generate the snapmaker specific gcode.

yeah i guess i just kinda figured the updates and so forth were pretty quick at the start and things have just kind of hit a brick wall lately. manual supports in a pre-release luban is the only thing of value accomplished for existing hardware for a couple months now.

i know they are gearing to the rotory module but i am wondering if they are even going to sell very many, and if they do what the lead time is going to be on it based on the history of the project as a whole.

the natives are getting restless

The few times I’d complained and shared my results the responses were less than satisfactory.

Maybe they’re working on this but there has been nothing that would lead me to believe this is the case. I wouldn’t count on it. I think there may be an inherent problem with the way they’re trying to do it with 9 pictures and parallax. Maybe it’s something that can be adjusted for but they obviously haven’t yet. I wish it could just take one picture of the center from full height. That would work with 90% of what I do.


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Yes… because for the calibration of the camera one picture from medium hight works fine to capture a good amount of the working area…

Is there some kind of “support-email” where you can directly talk to a snapmaker support team?

And luban is very basic, but there is so much room for improvement and nice features… i want that it works as intendet… and because its open source… i am sure that someone will fix thise problem… i have created an issue on the github page… and if many people respond to that issue i think that it will get prioritiysed and fixed soon.

Here is the link to the issue
(Make a Thumbs up reaction and if possible leave a comment with your expirience so they notice it faster)


sometimes they are a bit pokey in replying. they were really bad for awhile but seem to have improved for now.

dont hold your breath for snapmaker to fix this issue very promptly, they have a rather long list of problems to solve while simultaneously working on some new hardware (which i dont think i’ll buy most of it) and many of the issues are much more difficult to work around than this one

however the forum gang is doing a great job at cleaning up a lot of things for them. we have some real wizards on here :slight_smile:

i think over time it will get little nibbles of improvement as opposed to one big chunk of a fix.

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