Laser engraving using Camera Capture - origin problem

Just received my A350 this week and wanted to try laser engraving. I did the initial Focal Length and Calibration steps. Then I secured my material (wood board) to bed, did a Camera Capture, dragged my test text object to desired location in camera image. I then generated g-code and loaded it to workspace. Now the problem - in Luban software I clicked on the run/play tool (triangle). The laser head seemed to move to the correct X and Z position, but the Y position was off about 1 inch. Is there some sort of origin command(s) I have to do first? I thought the whole point of the camera capture is that we didn’t have to figure out the location details. The Luban software seems to show the X,Y origin at 0,0 - which I assume is the front left of the bed? Also, why does the software have workspace showing locations ranging from -320 to 320 (X) and -350 to 350 (Y). Are there larger versions of Snapmaker 2 or something?

Oh - a comment to the Snapmaker folks: why did you instruct us to use the 1.5mm wood boards when performing the focal length procedure? Those boards are slightly warped and do not lay totally flat on bed. I used 4 silicone plugs, but that doesn’t keep board flat (Z). I don’t think we should be pressing on the board to keep it flat while the laser is actively burning the alignment marks, right? For such a critical process, shouldn’t the material lay totally flat? Also, every time I ran the focal length procedure, it reports “FAILED” (to automatically pick the best line). Why does this happen?

Since it seems like this forum is not very active, I posted this same question on the Snapmaker’s Facebook group and within minutes got some good advice…

Hi, i have the exact same problem… did you figured it out how to solve this?

You may set the work origin in different places in Snapmaker Luban and on the work place.

Here is an article for your reference:

Video tutorial:

On the Snapmaker group on Facebook, someone pointed out that if your material is thick (Z), the Camera Capture technique may be inaccurate because of parallax effect. In my case, I had 3 wooden boards: one on edge, sandwiched between the 2 other boards (laying flat). I was trying to burn on the board that was edge up. Probably a worst case scenario for a newbie to try using Camera Capture :slight_smile:

Save yourself some time and frustration and just don’t try to use camera capture. It’s nice in theory but not in practice.
There are several threads (some going currently) that discuss this. (Which is probably why the OP didn’t get responded to originally)


It would be helpful if Snapmaker chimed in on this topic. Just pointing us to the videos about setting the origin manually doesn’t really address this issue…