Please Help Problem With Engraving

We have 2 machines Snapmaker 2.0 and are engraving names using rotary module. Sometimes what happens is that it doesn’t engrave correctly and the font is warped. It’s only happening on one machine so it’s not the file and it happens randomly. It does the job correctly a few times and then there is a problem. Everything is updated to the latest software/firmware. So the problem has to be in rotary module or move X in my opinion but don’t know what to do to fix it.

What firmware version are you running and what software are you using?

The latest. We have same on both machines. One working fine one not.

Understood, what software are you using for laser?

snapmaker Luban

so I switched the rotary modules on the machines and now it’s not working properly on other machine so it’s the rotary module for sure

I’d send in a support ticket then, check it for damage around the CAM Cables, those are easy to fix otherwise if its under warranty let them ship out a new one, sorry one won’t have full functionality for a little but closer to a resolution

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