Is it the code, the firmware, or what?

Finally had time to update the firmware and install the new Laser module. The focusing worked fine; the boxes seemed to engrave properly although it’s not quite obvious what the + and - numbers are; I blame that on myself because I didn’t look up what it does I wanted to just play with it.

However, once I brought my SVG file (made with Illustrator) into the program and generated the G-code, and sent it to the laser, it did not work correctly. Even though I had set the work origin and run a bounding box, it kept going way off target and trying to engrave an area much, much larger than I had specified, with weird lines, and the head kept trying to move beyond the boundaries, leading to very worrisome grinding sounds that had me leaping for the emergency stop button.

Any thoughts on where to start with troubleshooting this?

Please upload your svg so I can try to recreate your problem.

Did you home all the axis before? Did you check the svg’s dimensions? Snapmakerjs doesnt use the original dimensions but blows them up for whatever reason so you have to manually set the original size in Snapmakerjs again. If that does not help something’s wrong with your SVG.