Pausing the CNC

I have some long projects coming up for my CNC. Does the pause function work, or should I just power cycle the power when I want to stop and resume later?

I used the Pause function with CNC milling successfully - with GCode generated from Fusion 360.

I had an issue with laser jobs: Lightburn uses relative positioning, and the Pause-Function switches on resume to absolute positioning - this causes problems with such jobs. Perhaps make sure (by looking into the GCode) that the milling job uses absolute positioning. The GCode-command for absolute is G90, relative is G91.

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Thanks for the heads up. This detail will really help me get jobs done.

How is the project recovery from power outages?

Huh, good question. I used power resume I guess once with a 3DP job - no idea if this also has a problem with absolute/relative positioning… My guess would be: it has. Reason: Both Pause/Resume and Power Loss resume do commands inbetween - Pause lifts the toolhead, and power loss resume does a homing and return to last known position - my gut feeling is that in these commands they issue a G90, without previously checking if G91 was the operation mode and not restoring the status.