"resume" doesn't work correctly

I paused a CNC job. Hitting resume sent the bit into the wood up to its hilt, destroying both the bit and the work. Is there a definition of the word “resume” that I am not familiar with?

I have noticed this on the laser process when using G91 relative based code. The touchscreen switches the machine back into G90 absolute mode, ruining the job.

I suspect something like that, either with G90/G91, or G53/G54 is going on here, unfortuantely.

Wish I had an answer. Support acknowledged there may be a problem to me months ago, never heard since.

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Can you export the log and send it to me? Thanks
How to export log: exporting_file.mp4 - Google Drive
The log goes to the USB stick.

It’s very easy to reproduce, I posted instructions on GitHub in the ticket.

Let me know if you’re unable to reproduce it and I can walk you through.