pause at height

Hello everyone, I recently got an artisan. before the artisan I worked with prusa slicer and put the break to insert a nut over the slicer. Now I have installed the Cura Pugin and try to create a pause via the function pause at height. Under the setup Marlin the Artisan stops briefly at the desired layer but then immediately continues. Is there a solution for this? Is there a Prusa Slicer Profile for the Artisan? I have found something for the J1. Thank you very much.

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has no one an idea or solution?

Split your gcode till the M600 works for artisan, would be a workaround.

I have already tested the m600, but it does not work. I do not want to change the fillament, but only a pause and the extruder should move to the start position. do you have a gcode example for artisan?

If you are familiar with cura, split your model in two parts per height.
Then you have to start the second part manually after inserting the magnet.

i am new in cura did you have a example

Section cutting off the top is the most interesting part for you, i guess.