Artisan questions

I have ordered the Artisan and i am waiting for it. I am reading now trying to get as many information as possible meanwhile. So i already have a few questions i cannot find any answer:

  1. Is it possible to use different diameters on nozzles on the DualPrintingModule ?
  2. Is it possible to upgrade the 10 Watt Laser to 20 Watt ?
  3. Can i use other slicer Software with the Artisan and are there drivers ect. available soon ?
  4. How about more then 4 axis setups for the Artisan, if i start building a diy projekt with 5 axis ? Is there a way to do that ?

Hi usurpine, I’m here to provide some official answers:

  1. Yes, you can install differently-sized hot ends onto the Dual Extrusion Module. We don’t recommend changing the nozzle instead of changing the whole hot end, because it might lead to damage to the hot end and cause problems with the calibration.
  2. Up to now, we haven’t planned the 20W Laser Module yet.
  3. For 3D printing, we might provide Cura profiles later (but not sure when). As for other slicers, you might be able to find some profiles made by other users in the forum after they’ve received their Artisan.
  4. There’s not much official news and progress about the 5-axis Module.

Since it seems there are many issues with Luban, and firmware wont be 100% operationnal (I mean full of bugs) for 1rst delivered customers, it would be nice if you guys work asap on CURA’s profile, in order to give us a workaround waiting for LUBAN being fully usable.

Thanks for the helpful answer.
I am using different types of slicers like the prusa slicer or the simply3d Software, but havent done that for a long time, so i am not updated. But i have used that software for 3d printing very successfully in the past. And it supports Multimaterial printing, too.
But i cannot find any snapmaker artisan configuration, is that available and where do i find it ?
I can find the snapmaker A350 and A250 in the latest PrusaSlicer-2.5.0.
But to setup the Artisan by myself i need a lot of configuration information about this machine. I think someone for sure has already done that, but i cannot find the necessary files.
So if not anyone has done that because at this time the artisan has not been delivered can you help us with the necessary informations?
Imho the prusa software is very advanced and as long as it is free and available to everyone there is really no need to develope yet another slicer which is not near as that advanced.

For the cnc Modules i am using professional CAD Software like Solid Edge community edition with the Solid Edge CAM Pro, which is also free for everyone. But here again i need all these detailed informations to do a setup and i am pretty much lost because i cannot find all these necessary detailed informations, at least for now. But as i said, as long as i havent got the machine delivered from you i would like to prepare myself and at least be able to run simulations.

And for the engraving and laser module i think i want use lightburn and here same problem, no information available yet.

Got it. I’ll pass this message to our team :wink:

Could you please give us a list of configuration imformation about Artisan you want to know?

Easiest way is to go to, install that slicer software (its free) and then run the configuration assistant which is asking for all necessary information to build up a new configuration. The older versions of snapmaker Modells are already implemented.
And it would be perfect to add the new Artisan to this to make it really easy for all Artisan Users.

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Once you have installed this PrusaSlicer-2.5.0 or newer you can start making your own first preset of the Artisan or just load another preset eg. the Snapmaker A350 and then goto Window - Compare Presets. You can now compare the settings for the new Artisan against well made settings for the older i3 MK3 printer.
Here you get a list of all presets and you might understand, why i dont want to list that all manually because its quite complex to find the right presets for the printer, especiall when you go under advanced or expert mode.
There are so many ways to do it wrong and it probably would take many hours to really find out the right settings for the Artisan.