Printing 2 (Or More) Colors with A350

I’m completely new to 3D printing and still learning the ins and outs of everything. One design I wanted to print was a nameplate, but the model shown has two colors. I’ve been using Cura for slicing instead of Luban and I’ve watched some youtube videos on how to do it in Cura with postcrips. I tried both ways from two separate videos and all my printer does is pause and after that it freezes up. I don’t understand a lot of the language of 3D printing, but from what limited information I’ve seen, it sounds like Snapmaker doesn’t really support pause/resume. I’ve had people tell me to just pause the print manually and change filament, but that means I have to sit there and watch it the whole time. What do I do if I want it to stop at (for instance) layer 50 and starting on layer 51 print a different color? Is that something SM is working on fixing, because it seems like others with much less expensive printers are able to do it.

There isn’t really an easy way to do that without causing a filament runout by snipping the spool

however, i think that this is such a popular topic that they are working on bringing the gcode in for this feature. marlin does support this type of pause but snapmaker coded it out for some reason. people are always asking for this and its on the github with a lot of discussion from the staff.

additionally, i dont know about cura, but simplify3d you could break the print into seperate processes and accomplish a change between them

Via manual gcode modifications you could chop off from the layer you want changed and then add the end gcode

start a 2nd gcode with the starter gcode

then apply the cut code from the first file.

there might be a little more to it but i am certain a search on the forum will yield more info on this process.

I’m starting to see more of what you were saying (more people requested it). I was bummed that SM didn’t include this since I’ve watched several videos with people who are using much-less expensive printers and are able to do multiple pause/filament changes on their prints. Then again, there is a laser and CNC function, so I guess I can’t be that bummed. I do hope they release a firmware update that will allow it soon.

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Damn, you just answered what I’ve been lookin for. I hope they do too!