Out of the box issues

So unboxing was amazing, building the A350T was very easy. But…. Now for the bad parts.

  1. USB C only really fits in one orientation. Wasn’t booting so we flipped the cable and then it booted fine. When we did this we noticed that the USB C connector actually felt like it clicked in, not that when we we flipped back. Who knows. But figured if someone else had this issue then this might be useful.
  2. Once we solved that issue we ran into a big problem during initial setup. The Z bar would not come down. Or it would for a slight bit and then we got a loud grinding noise. Turned off and mvoed the bar manually a bit then turned back on, would move down a bit and then grinding noise. If I can get the video uploaded here you can see it for yourself.

So we are now stuck. No idea on how to fix.

Some insight would be awesome. Quality build and quality instructions. But something is not right at this point.

Not all the linear modules are the same. Be sure you have not mixed them up on the XY and Z positions.

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You messed up your axis.

First the machine shouls home,this means from that point it starts after every power on.

The home position (it would move in this order) :

  • Z upper positin
  • X left position (toolhead moving axis)
  • Y front position (bed moving axis)

Double check your wiring.
I guess one of your z is plugged in the splitter of x.