Enclosure made A350 cease to function

Greetings, Assembled the enclosure, placed A350 within. Power up the power supply and nothing happens. Prior to being place in the enclosure everything seemed normal and went though the initial setup. How do I troubleshoot this and begin to “Make Something Wonderful”.

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If I remember correctly the power supply goes to the controller and there is a cable from the controller to the enclosure ports.

Sounds like your cables aren’t plugged in correctly. Does the PS turn on? Does anything else turn on?

Thanks for the response. As it turned out the display cable was plugged in wrong. Didn’t know that was possible. Everything is as it sould be now.

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If you’re using your phone, this is the first forum I’ve seen that supports pictures. It really helps to show us what you’re seeing.

As the adage goes.

Glad it’s running :hugs: can’t wait to see your first print.

The display worked for one day. Today it’s dark, this makes me very sad. How do you know which way to plug the display into the controller? Don’t imagine there is a way to test the display?

It’s usb c. It doesn’t matter. It does have some tension on it from the enclosure location.

Some get extension cables. I use a 90 degree bend adapter. Keep it at the normal location and it’s fine either way.