A350 Z drive malfunction

Hi, I have an A350 That quite frankly has NEVER worked properly. The Z axis refuses to move up or down and I have to reset it through developer mode ever time I use it., I have tried every trick or fix available, firmware, microswitches, cleaning M502 reset - you name it I have tried it. Now the right hand column motor does not respond at all. I have 10 exam students waiting to use the CNC and laser cutter and a three week deadline to project submission. I have had it with this piece of junk. unreliable, zero support, crappy software. Any suggestions, apart from using it as a boat anchor?
I have an original snapmaker which is outstanding. Never lets me down. It’s why I bought the bigger version 2.0.

The machine is simple with respect to motion.

Controller---cable---splitter---cable---L Z tower
                            └---cable---R Z tower

and each module has:
cable plug---PCB with stepper driver---stepper motor

Since you say the left tower works that limits where the problem can be. Check cables, maybe try swapping splitters, maybe take apart the right z module and check for damage on the PCB or a missing thermal pad on the driver.

If you’re in warranty still contact support and get replacement parts in the works. If you’re out of warranty then you’re potentially looking at repairing yourself or purchasing replacement parts.

Thanks @brent113 I have looked everywhere for a spare tower module but can only find bundle packs of new versions for 750 Euro! Any source for spare parts greatly appreciated.

You can contact support and order from them. Several people (and I) have done that to get parts. If it ships by boat though you’re at least 3 weeks to get the parts.

Do you have the new or the old generation of modules? If you have the old ones maybe you can link up with someone who has upgraded to the new modules and wants to sell some old modules for cheap.

Thanks , That’s a good idea. Ill ask on this forum and see what response I get.

I got some spare A350 modules. If its the module and not the splitter.

@MooseJuice I would love to get two linear modules from you, one to replace the one that doesn’ t work and another for spares. Where are you, because I’m in Switzerland and the postage might be prohibitively expensive. I took the module apart and did find that the black and white wires to the microswitch at the top of the module had become disconnected. I’m not 100% certain I didn’t pull the plug out while I was dismantling it , so I’ll have to see when I put it back together. Let me know where you and how much you would want for the modules. It’s for a school so I’m on a tight budget. Cheers.

I am way in the united states. shipping to switzerland may prove challenging. I believe snapmaker will sell them for $144 (at least thats what I had paid for them) each.

@MooseJuice could you ship them to Boise Idaho? I have family there who are due in Europe next month? The older modules are not available here in Euroland.

Yeah. I could probably do that. Won’t be til the week after next though, bout to go on a trip. Send me a DM and we can hash out the details.

FYI if you’re upgrading/replacing all 5 rails with the new rails (new rails are not interchangeable or mixable with old) and you’re an original owner, you can get them for 50% off. Check your email. You should’ve been sent a coupon. If you haven’t or can’t find it, email support and they should send you one.
Otherwise ebay is now a pretty good source for used of the old from people upgrading.