Ordered A350T but A350 delivered!

I ordered the A350T direct from snap maker but an A350 appears to have been delivered in a battered cardboard box that seems to have been on many journeys. There are absolutely no identifying codes on the parts to distinguish their version. The box is labelled as A350 only and the quick start guide is A350. I paid for the A350T and expect to receive that model and in a professional way - no paperwork included with the delivery. Looking at some of the parts in their boxes seems to show some dust and, in the case of the laser module, many scratches on the top.

I’m posting here because I’ve had zero response from snap maker customer service.

Really annoyed by this unprofessional delivery and lack of response.

This has been posted many times on here.
They haven’t updated their boxes.
Check if 2 of your rails are marked Lead 08mm and 3 Lead 20mm.
Then you have the new one.
As far as the box goes, it’s a heavy item and shippers are really bad but the SM is really well packed. Mine was pretty beat up.
Now if the stuff looks used and has sawdust or ash from laser, then that’s a different story. It will be obvious if the 3d head has been used.


Cheers for the very useful reply. Will take a look.

I had the exact same concern. And then I found this little bar code tag and on it I found A350T

I have the same concern. Where did you found that tag?

It was on the cardboard box. Read each of the labels on the boxes. The writing was small so it didn’t stand out. As you can see from 2nd pic above it was in the bar code description.

The model and serial number is on the sticker at the underside of the main platform, turn the printer over and you will see it.