How to determine if AT model

I recently purchased an A350T but all the labeling (product name stickers, e.g.) on the box read A350. How can I tell if I actually have an AT model?

Well, the quick start guide included in the box is for the A350 and it looks like there is one specifically for the A350T, so perhaps I was sent the wrong model?

They are near identical in function so unlikely to be a different manual, the specs of the motors and step size is different so maybe there has been an updated page or more likely the specs are only on the website. there are other posts detailing how to tell the difference in the linear rails, go have a search. The facebook group may have been where i was thinking…

Thanks, I’ll check in the group. shows different quick start guides for the AT model. I just don’t know if they’re included in the box (seems like they would be).

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Thanks! Found the same sticker confirming A350T on the underside of the base plate