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I waited a year and 43 days for it to arrive, and because I opened the boxes and assembled it, I have zero return options. The assembly is perfect, not a scratch on it aside from the wear on the magnetic surfaces after two 3D prints. In the time it took to arrive, I already got all my 3D printing out of my system with a Creality and am very happy with it. This A350 needs tweaks to the Z offset as it is currently uneven and too close (filament is smashed flat). Even so, the very first print (chromatic quantum vase) via Luban went off fine.

Comes with the (3)pc router bit set I ordered with it, all boxes, baggies, etc. Laser and CNC toolheads are still in the boxes, it’s “new” after all…

Reasonable offers accepted.

Thank you…

After a year and you’ve decided you “got it out of your system” instead of “I need another printer anyway”. Weird. :rofl:

Too bad I just got mine (as a second; and to do laser stuff too), I’m in your part of the world.

Can i get more details ? my email: 990992781@qq.com

I am unable to delete this post, but was persuaded to keep this machine by a friend who wants to use the laser capabilities. My apologies for not following up sooner …