Why is it written a350 instead of a350T on the box and user manual?

Hi. I just received my snapmaker A350T, I mean I think I did , I’m posting a question on this forum to ask if anyone that has the model A350T had written A350 on the user manual and on the box instead of A350T, I don’t want to unpack everything just in case it’s a350 to send it back, I have attached some pics to see the issue, is this normal ?

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Here is the pic with the user manual

My package looked the same, but had a white sticker on it which said “Model T”.
You may have one of these too? I could look up my manual tomorrow for you.

You’re not the first to have noticed this:

The short answer seems to be that they’re going to be using the old boxes, at least, until they run out (having stuff printed isn’t free), but there should be stickers somewhere indicating that it is in fact a T and not the original model.

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Please do thx , and can you send me a pic of that sticker ?

I couldn’t find any stickers inside but then again I didn’t unpack the boxes like I said in case it’s the original model to send it back

I will for sure. Tomorrow :wink:
You could also check the linear modules. The new one got other engravings on it.

Cool , thx , please let me know

Found one sticker that has A350T on it… gonna attach a pic , is this thing what you were talking about ?

Also the linear modules are dark grey as they should be for A350T

If the module has an engraving on it telling yo the pitch size (8mm or 20mm, you should have some of both). Then it’s the T-version. The older A350 modules didn’t have any engraving on them at all.

Like this ?

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That’s the new module, you’ve got the ‘T’.

There you go. I guess everything is good now! :grin:

I had the same on my manuals but looking at the white sticker on the box it shows A350ENT bundle. I assume EN refers to enclosure.

It’s not pitch, it’s lead. They’re not the same for multistart lead screws. The lead is an integral multiple of the pitch.