Octoprint bed visualizer

Hey guys,

i hooked the Snappy 2.0 to octoprint and printing is great as expected. However, tehre is a plugin for auto bed leveling, calling bed visualizer. That can show the bed once leveld virtually and show you what it messured. However, it requires the gcode commands/list for that. Is there anyone who knows wich commands the touchscreen sends when you do a auto leveling?

I did use command: M420 V and the Z Limits to 7
But then my bed looks not flat at all…

I believe those are the right commands, though I can’t check at the moment.

It looks like your x rail is out of tram. Try this: bring the nozzle all the way up, turn off the machine, pull each end of the x-axis to the top of the z-axis rails, then redo the auto level.
You can also search for “tramming” in the forums.

My bed is really well leveled and prints go amazing.
it’;s just that the visualization looks super weird.

If it works for you, then that’s fine. It just means that the auto levelling software is accounting for the tilt while printing. I would still tram it if it were my machine, but that is ultimately a personal choice.

I think that the z limit neds to be something diffrent. Thats why it shows up so side ways haha i think.

Your z-limits are fine, the fact that the mesh is in the 6.8-7.8mm range is normal, and is based off the height of the bed. The issue I am pointing out is that the left side is roughly 1 mm lower than the right. Again, if you don’t want to fix this and you aren’t having issues then that’s fine, but if you want to fix it then I would recommend tramming your x-axis.

This is something that has been discussed on the forums pretty extensively, and I would again implore you to look up “tramming” on the forums. I’ve linked a couple threads below if you’re interested.

Alright. So i did home the printer. then turned it off, and manually pulled it up as far is it goes. Then turned it back on, homed it again and now will level it. lets see what the rresult will be now.,

Ok so i did what you said, and now it looks like this: