Leveling the Rest

I seen elaborate threads discussing leveling the bed, but not where the rest of the machine is leveled.

I’ve put a level at various locations around my desk where the printer sets and it appears to be uniform with the same level. However, the leveling of various spots on the printer structure is not the same as the desk.

When I go to the machine and put the level on the various arms or struts, I get variations.

A level across across the two Z post tops, and then across the X(?) arm, does not show the same level. I’d think I should measure more extensively and analyze the results.

Can simply leveling the bed correct for other irregular components’ misalignments?

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I’m still learning here, but “level” in this group is for all “level”, “flat” , “square”, “parallel”, “tram”.
So I’d say once your table and base of the machine is level, what is important is that the X linear is parallel to the 2 Y linear modules. Not the top of the Z posts.

After my initial assembly I realized that 1 side was a higher than the other.

@brent113 here had a simple solution to make it parallel. Since I read that and apply this technique it help a lot my prints, cnc and laser. ( BTW, thanks brent113! )

Do this when your machine is OFF. Slowly push down the X rail down to the 1x2x3 blocks or a precision straightedge.
I redo this once in a while just in case.



Exactly what I need.

Thank you!