Nozzle heat turning off

Just got my Snapmaker 350 yesterday. Followed all direction - all was going well. When I wanted to print in 3D the nozzle went to it’s start position at the corner of the bed, and nothing more, As it got to the position the heat went to zero on the right ride of the ‘/’ mark for both the nozzle
and the bed and the temperatures on both began dropping. Happened multiple times. What is happening?

Hard to say with certainty, but first can you tell us if you updated the firmware?

Are you using Luban to slice with? If not, what are you using? It may be g-code related.

Can you share the g-code at the start of your print file?

I updated it at least twice (Just to be sure)
Yes I’m using Luban (Too new to this to use something else)
I learned what a G-Code is yesterday - that may take a few moments

You might want to try firmware 2.9 and see if it does it with that.
That’s the most stable firmware.


Don’t need to learn G-Code in order to 3D print, but we may need to see it in order to debug what’s going on. The G-Code files are plain text which you can open in notepad on your computer. Then you could paste them here. I would use the pre-formatted button which looks like this: “</>”

Here’s a good G-Code primer

We’re going to want to look for temperature setting commands like m109.