"no tool head detected" because Y and Z cables are switched?

I had a nice surprise last week when my Snapmaker 2.0 A250 came in the mail. However I had 2 days of frustration because I had couldn’t get the 3d printer or any of the modules working after I assembled the Snapmaker. Every time I went to Calibration, I got the message “no tool head detected.”

I went through to unplugged and replugged as well as reverse all cables several time. Still no lucked. Out of pure frustration to try anything, I decided to switch the cables. I plugged the Z Conversion Cable into the Y Converter and Y Axis plug on the Controller. And Y Conversion Cable into the Z Converter and Z Axis plug. Turning the power, I went into Calibration and it instantly recognized the 3d printer module. Success!

Within the last week, I’ve printed many projects and have learned a lot (complete newbie). I’ve also ruin one side of the Print Sheet… Can’t seem to remove some PLA that’s stuck on the sheet.

I thought I mentioned this issue in the forum in case anyone else encountered it. As a test, I went back and plugged the Y and Z cables into its correct location. Went into Calibration and still got “no tool head detected.”

Seems like the cables are mislabeled? Are the cables Axis specific?

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