A250 acting up Hot end not found

I have been 3D printing happily away. On my fifth large spool of PLA, 2 weeks ago, the printer just stopped. Could not calibrate it. Got error ‘hot end not found’

I thought perhaps the nozzle was broken so I changed the hot end nozzle.
Calibration failed again with message ‘hot end not found.’
Opened problem ticket have yet to hear back.

I switched to laser module and calibration failed again with message ’ Camera not found’.

I am running luban 3.10.2 and snapmaker firmware version 2_V1.10.1

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the problems I am having.

@Rthbfshng Does the cnc toolhead work?

Do you have a multimeter to meassure the toolhead-cable, to get sure the cable isn´t broken?

I have and am able to use a multi meter. Is there a diagram of the pin out with voltages ?

I have not tried the CNC option yet.


I would first to meassure the ohm´s, there where a few cables or pins broken from the beginning. (about a hand full of people posted their issues in the forum)

Good idea thx.

Do you know if all the cables are the same ?

I guess, there are two different cable types, power cable (from psu to the controller) and cable´s to the actuator´s like printhead and linear modules.

Maybe this thread helps:

My printer was working. Stopped mid at the start of a print. Have lots of stuff to paint up.
But you gave me some things to try while I wait for support to contact me.

Hopefully just a cable problem.

There’s 3 unique connectors: PSU, Enclosure/heated bed, and linear module/toolhead