No tool head detected after hot end change

I printed many things with the Snapmaker before. But today, after I changed the hot end, the toolhead is not working anymore. When I want to calibrate with the touch screen, it says “No tool head detected”.

Is there any other solution other than replacing the print head?

This usually happens because of bad data in both the Controller and the Touch Pad, which does not get corrected after a firmware upgrade. You typically need to perform a complete factory reset with the latest firmware, and reinstall the latest firmware after doing so. There is another thread that goes into the exact steps, but it’s something like:

  1. Connect your computer to the Controller via USB (must be USB).
  2. Issue an M502 factory reset to the Controller.
  3. Put the Touch Pad into Developer Mode.
  4. Reset and clear out the Touch Pad.
  5. Reinstall the latest firmware from a USB drive (must be from a USB drive).
  6. Update all of the modules.

I may have missed some steps, or have the order slightly off, but that’s the jest of it. If you have any custom settings in the Controller, you’ll probably want to print out an M503 before doing this, so that you can reenter those values.

Thank you very much. I’ll look at it on Tuesday. Hopefully it resolves it!

And just to make sure and state the obvious: double & triple check all cables are connected and well seated in their plugs (and don’t put the toolhead connector in backwards)

Ok, I could finally try out the steps laid out by @CNC-Maker. It didn’t really help, though.

I could factory reset, put the touch pad in devel mode, reset and clear it and reinstall the firmware. I don’t see a difference in behaviour, though, the toolhead is still not found. However, when installing the firmware, at the point where the procedure updates the modules, I hear a light noise from the tool head (probably a fan). So there has to be SOME connection to it …

Also strange is that now, in the “About” screen, the name is now Snapmaker-[Random Names], where the names change everytime I go into that screen.

I’ll try this week if the other tool heads are working.

When installing the firmware, you should be hearing anything. If you are, something is wrong. It is beginning to sound like something is wrong with the 3D Print Module, and you’ll need to contact Support.

It will do that until you set the name yourself. Give it a name, and it should stop changing.